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Aniluxe Large Rat Trap Rodent Control (4pack)

Aniluxe Large Rat Trap Rodent Control (4pack)

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The Aniluxe state-of-the-art mechanical trap that offers superior rat capture. Patented interlocking teeth make rat escape virtually impossible. The perfect combination of trigger sensitivity and trap velocity – speed and responsiveness that ensure a successful and deadly capture. Aniluxe Large Indoor Pest Control rat trap or Home and Kitchen plastic thick rat trap rat killing multiple use. Large Powerful Rat Traps - Kills Instantly with Powerful Steel Spring - Setup in Seconds - Wash & Reuse Over & Over - Hands Free Disposal - Rat Control Without Harmful Poisons or Chemicals. Before placing the Rat Snap Traps, it's helpful to assess your home to locate the rats' nest as well as the route the rodents are likely taking to reach food and water. Again, you'll want to look for oily rub marks, rat droppings, and gnaw marks to track these creatures in your home. Once you've located the site of their activity, you should place your Rat Snap Traps perpendicular to a wall at intervals ranging between fifteen and thirty feet. For larger infestations, place traps at shorter intervals.

  • Largest Traps on the Market - rat traps are measured at 3.75” by 3” inches - 36% larger than standard mouse traps - With powerful springs and large open mouths they are designed to catch and kill rats instantly
  • Easily Set & Forget - Simply place bait cup in bottom of rat trap, place traps in suspect locations and press to set – With our lot of 4 traps you’re in full control of affected areas
  • Reusable and Hands-Free Disposal – This rat trap is washable and 100% reusable so you can eliminate any future pests – When disposing simply lift trap over trash and press to let it go without ever having to touch it
  • Can also work for rats - mice - and other rodents
  • 4 pack value pack item
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