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Hawk bait chunk 4.1kg/9lbs

Hawk bait chunk 4.1kg/9lbs

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Motomco Hawk All-Weather Bait Chunx have been an industry standard for many years, combining proven palatability and rodent acceptance.

The Motomco Hawk Rodenticide Bait Chunx is the perfect solution for getting rid of pesky rodents. This unique product is specially formulated to attract even the wariest of mice and rats, ensuring maximum effectiveness. Made with high-quality ingredients, the Motomco Hawk Bait Chunx delivers a potent dose of poison that quickly eliminates rodents, while being safe for use around pets and children.

Each Chunx is shaped to fit into tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas, making it easy to place where rodents are most likely to travel. The tough, weather-resistant exterior ensures that the bait stays fresh and potent, even in the harshest of conditions. The compact size of the Chunx also makes it convenient to carry and store, so you can always be prepared to tackle a rodent infestation.

The Motomco Hawk Rodenticide Bait Chunx is an efficient and effective way to rid your home or business of rodents. Its unique formula and design make it a reliable choice for both amateur and professional pest control professionals. With the Motomco Hawk Bait Chunx, you can say goodbye to pesky rodents for good.

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