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Motomco Hawk Soft Bait 0.8kg

Motomco Hawk Soft Bait 0.8kg

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HAWK SOFT BAIT  is a revolutionary product that is designed to effectively control rodent infestations in a safe and efficient way. Unlike traditional rodenticides that come in hard pellets or blocks, HAWK SOFT BAIT is made of a soft and pliable material that is highly palatable to rodents.

One of the key features of HAWK SOFT BAIT is its highly effective formula that can kill rodents in just a few days. The soft texture of the bait means that rodents are more likely to consume it, increasing the speed of the poison's effects. The active ingredient in HAWK SOFT BAIT is Bromadiolone, a highly potent anticoagulant that works by preventing blood from clotting. This causes the rodent to bleed internally, leading to death within a few days of consumption.

The soft nature of the bait also means that it can be easily placed in hard to reach areas, such as crevices or tight spaces. The bait can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it versatile and suitable for a variety of applications.

Another benefit of HAWK SOFT BAIT is its reduced risk of secondary poisoning. Secondary poisoning occurs when a predator or scavenger eats a poisoned rodent, leading to their own death. HAWK SOFT BAIT is designed to break down in the digestive system of rodents.

HAWK SOFT BAIT 0.8kg is also designed to be highly tamper-resistant, reducing the risk of accidental ingestion by non-target animals or humans. The bait is packaged in small, individual sachets that are easy to handle and dispose of, reducing the risk of contamination.

Overall, HAWK SOFT BAIT rodenticide is a highly effective and safe product for controlling rodent infestations. Its soft and pliable nature makes it highly palatable to rodents, while its potent formula ensures quick and effective control. Its reduced risk of secondary poisoning, tamper resistance, and versatility make it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor rodent control.

  • Bromadiolone.0.005%
  • Recomended Rat and Mouse Bait Station
  • Recomended Idoor Station Bait 
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