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Mini blocks rat pellets place packs 2.5kg

Mini blocks rat pellets place packs 2.5kg

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Keep rat populations under control with Hombre Liphatech mini blocks rat pellets place packs Difethialone 2.5kg. Each pack contains distributed mini blocks made of difethialone, an anticoagulant that is effective in controlling rat populations. Two-point-five kilograms worth of packs ensure up to one year of protection.

Baits Norway rats, roof rats and warfarin resistant house mice.

Pellets 100 x 25gm
Net weight: 2.5kg

Formulated to attract rats and mice, Hombre rat bait pellets is a palatable bait made with whole grains and with less wax and dye than most brands. Designed to break the cycle of anticoagulant resistance, the bait contains Difethialone, which works in a single feeding. Difethialone is formulated at 25 PPM (parts per million), nearly undetectable by rodents. The bait comes packaged in easy-to-carry, resealable containers for maximum freshness and palatability. For indoor or outdoor use in all weather conditions.


  • Mini-blocks are 0.75 oz each
  • Place Packs are 0.9 oz each
  • Whole grains combine with less wax and dye for a great taste
  • A single 0.75 oz. mini-block can control up to 53 mice
  • Notably effective for roof rat control
  • Flexible formulations to meet various baiting needs
  • Contains Vitamin Kı Antidote, Same as all other anticoagulants
  • Authorized for rodent control in federal inspection programs
  • Cost effective; more placements per container
  • Active Ingredient: Difethialone
  • Mode of Action: Second-Generation Anticoagulant
  • Effectiveness Time Frame: 4-5 Days
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