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MOTOMCO Jaguar Rodenticide Pail place pacs 9lbs

MOTOMCO Jaguar Rodenticide Pail place pacs 9lbs

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MOTOMCO's Jaguar Rodenticide Pail Place Pacs provide an effective, long-lasting solution to any rodent infestation. The pacs are designed to kill mice and rats quickly, with a single feeding providing up to five days of lethal activity. A 9lb pail contains 48 individual pacs to stop a large rodent population.

Jaguar is our most powerful single-feed anticoagulant formula for proven control. Jaguar is made with carefully selected food grade ingredients, resulting in proven palatability and rodent acceptance. Jaguar’s proven combination of potency and palatability consistently controls rat and mouse infestations, even where resistance is suspected. As a result, Jaguar is our best selling bait to poultry and swine producers. Depend on Jaguar for proven results on a wide range of rodent populations.

  • Jaguar Rodenticide Pail. Pest Control
  • Manufacturer: MOTOMCO LTD D
  • Manufacturer part number: 31473
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