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MOTOMCO Tomcat Rat Bait Station by Motomco

MOTOMCO Tomcat Rat Bait Station by Motomco

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Use Rat bait safely around pets and children. Sealed plastic box can only be opened with special tool (supplied). Bait can be secured in place by 4 rods that are provided. Durable Plastic;withstand tough conditions; for even the largest of rats.

The MOTOMCO Tomcat Rat Bait Station is designed to safely and securely store and protect rat bait from children or other pests. Its tamper-resistant design prevents unauthorized access, and its locking mechanism provides added security to ensure only authorized personnel can open the station. With its one-way bait access system, the Rat Bait Station also helps keep bait away from non-target animals.

Included: MOTOMCO Tomcat Rat  Bait Station

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