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Rampage bait blox

Rampage bait blox

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The Rampage bait blox  is an effective, fast-acting solution to controlling rats and mice. This 9lb package contains pellets that can act in a single feeding and is highly resistant to mold and moisture to ensure lasting performance. With its multiple edges, these pellets boast great bait acceptance and can satisfy rodents' natural urge to chew.

Rampage Bromethalin Rodenticide 9lbs is an efficient solution for controlling rats and mice. This powerful bait kills in a single feeding and won't spoil due to its mold and moisture resistant construction. Rodents love the multiple edges and feature great bait acceptance for fast control.

  • Size: 128 x 15gm
  • Active Ingredient: Bromethalin
  • Pack Qty: 128
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