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Tomcat Bait Station - Rat Killer- bait station value pack

Tomcat Bait Station - Rat Killer- bait station value pack

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Protect your home with the Tomcat raticide 4.1kg Bait Station - Rat Killer- bait station value pack. This bundle includes one bait station and 9lbs of Tomcat rat bait blocks to help eliminate even the biggest rat infestations. The Tamcat bait blocks have been formulated for maximum rodent acceptance and control, making it easy to get rid of rat problems quickly.

Registration no: 31969


Guarantee: Bromethalin / brométhaline 0.01%

The Tomcat Bait Station - Rat Killer - bait station value pack is the perfect solution to controlling your rat infestations. Our innovative bait station offers the highest level of rat control and protection for your home or business. With up to 6 months of rat control, this value pack is guaranteed to keep them away.

Use indoors and out. Heavy-duty construction will last years. Can be used for rats or mice. Keyless design, but can be secured with an allen screw, zip tie, etc

includes bait station and rat bait blocks 9lb/4kg

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